10 Facts You Never Knew About Lamborghini.

10 Facts You Never Knew About Lamborghini.

Lamborghini is one of the most exclusive car brands in the world. This luxury car brand is only available to the rich and famous and is an automobile that most people can only ever dream of owning.

When asked what car they would buy if they won the lottery, many people’s response would be a Lamborghini. This Italian car is known for its speed, power, and beauty. In turn, this has led to it being associated with status, wealth, and luxury.

Car enthusiasts are intrigued by how this car is manufactured to achieve such stunning results and would love the opportunity to drive such a vehicle just once. Although Lamborghini is a well-known company and people can easily recognize the car, there are few people who know further details about this luxury vehicle and the company who manufacture it.

The company has a long and interesting history and have manufactured many stunning cars. Here are 10 interesting facts about Lamborghini.

Fact 1:
Lamborghini is named after the founder of the company Ferruccio Lamborghini.

Fact 2:
The fastest Lamborghini car in the world (Murcielago R-GT) has a top speed of of 370 km/h.

Fact 3:
Although Lamborghini is now associated with luxury cars, the company originally made tractors, and this is a type of vehicle they still make to this day.

Fact 4:
The most expensive Lamborghini ever sold was the Lamborghini Reventon, for $1,600,000.

Fact 5:
Many of the cars are named after Spanish legends. 

Ferruccio Lamborghini was a big fan of Spanish bullfighting. It was something he enjoyed watching in his spare time and was passionate about. He enjoyed the drama and entertainment of the bullfighting events and could see what a powerful animal the bull is. He likened this power to the power of his vehicles.

For these reasons, he decided that he would use the names of famous Spanish fighting bulls for his cars.

Fact 6:
The first Lamborghini was the 350GTV from 1963.

Fact 7:
Lamborghini was once an independent company, but is now owned by Volkswagen AG together with Audi.

Fact 8:
Most Lamborghini cars had a v12 engine except for the Gallardo, which has a v10.

Fact 9:
The owner of Lamborghini first drove a Ferrari when he started the company, but the car had a constant nagging clutch problem which frustrated him to the extent of making him manufacture cars instead of tractors.

Fact 10:
In 2007, Lamborghini sold over 2 580 cars which is the highest amount of cars they have ever sold in a year.

So, is there something you did not know? We hope you learn something new.

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