BMW. The History Of Success.

BMW. The History Of Success.

We all know about the success of BMW but do you know that this journey has been very volatile for this company?

BMW is one of the well-known companies that were banned from manufacturing motorcycles and cars during the World War. And at that time this company made many things like bicycle and kitchen items. And at one time, this company, which was on the verge of selling, later bought a big company like Rolls Royce.

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BMW foundersSo, the story begins from 24 September 1882 when Karl Friedrich Rapp was born. He later became a mechanical engineer and then in 1918 he opened a company called Rapp Motorenwerke GmbH. The company that mainly made aircraft and vehicles engines.

After a few years, the First World War also started and the demand for aero engines also increased at that time. To fulfill this demand, he formed a new company on 7 March 1916 with two companies (Bayerische Flugzeugwerke and Automobilwerk Eisenach), which he named "Bavarian Motor Works". And this is what we know as BMW in short. As a matter of fact, this name is the English name of BMW. Its German name is Bayerische Motoren Werke.

BMW IIIaThe first product of BMW was an aircraft engine named BMW IIIa, whose quality was so strong that it was liked by the military. And BMW got a big order from him.

But after World War ended in 1918, situations became such that BMW had to stop making aero engines. That is why BMW started making many things like the pumps, buses and tractor engines used in the fields. BMW also started making motorcycles in 1923 and the company's first successful motorcycle model was the R32.

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BMW r32 motorcycleIn 1928 BMW also started production of the car by buying a company named Automobilwerk Eisenach and then the first car of this company was launched BMW 3/15.

In 1939, in the early period of World War II, the company again started making aero engines but in the meantime many of their factories were bombed and some were seized by the Soviet government. Not only this, his company was also banned from making motorcycles and cars. But despite the defeat, he started making many things like kitchen items and bicycles.

However, in 1947 BMW once again obtained the permission to manufacture motorcycles and in 1948 launched a motorcycle of R24 model.

BMW 501But the car was still banned for making. But in 1951 this ban was also removed and then BMW car 501 was launched. But BMW's car was very expensive due to which motorcycle was the main source of BMW's earnings till 1954. After reducing its profit, in 1955, BMW sold a total of 10,000 cars. But he was losing out on this strategy. And by 1960, BMW was on the verge of being sold.

But in 1961 BMW's "1500 model" was launched, which proved to be very helpful in saving the company, and was well-liked by people as a sportscar. Further, the company brought a lot of good models of car S, which people liked to buy. And in this way the company touched a new height.

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BMW 1500 modelLater, BMW bought the "Rover Group", which also included Land Rover at that time. However, the deal was a loss for BMW, and later BMW sold it to the Ford Company.

In 1998, BMW purchased the Rolls Royce logo and name, and then in 2003, after the reorganization of Rolls Royce, the Rolls Royce Phantom was released in the ownership of BMW. And then in 2004, BMW launched a sports bike of K1200S modal keeping in mind the advantages of Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha and Suzuki.

BMW i3 2016And then in 2011 BMW's sub-brand "BMW i" was created for designing and manufacturing electric cars. And by 2016 50,000 cars of BMW's i3 model had been sold, this was a big deal in terms of Zee's global sales.

So, this was the story of BMW whose journey was very volatile.

Source: dsmotivations