Harley-Davidson. The quintessential producer of American bikes.

Harley-Davidson. The quintessential producer of American bikes.

When you think of a classic, red-blooded American motorcycle brand the first two words that come to mind are probably ‘Harley’ and ‘Davidson’. After all, the Harley-Davidson Motor Company is the quintessential producer of American bikes. Their stylings, sound, and overall vibe appeal to people from all walks of life – from top-level executives to outlaw bikers.

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Buy motorbikes with Bitcoin on BitCars Harley-Davidson was first established in 1903, and the first recorded prototype was ridden a year later. The founders of the company – that is, William Harley, Arthur Davidson, William Davidson, and Walter Davidson – sought to create motorized bicycles that were capable of unmatched speed and perfect maneuverability. The great success of their bikes in the racing scene, policework, and even the military proves that they pulled it off.

The motorcycles produced by this company are some of the most popular in the world, but it hasn’t always been smooth sailing. Luckily, the hardy firm has survived a lot – including hostile takeovers, economic depressions, and even extensive public backlash.

This company has a long, storied history with many interesting occurrences and facts surrounding it. Whether you are a beginning biker or a seasoned motorcycle enthusiast, you will probably be interested in knowing more about this world-renowned motorcycle company.

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Buy Harley-Davidson on BitCars They Were One of Two Motorcycle Manufacturers to Survive the Depression

When the Great Depression hit in 1929, many firms struggled to stay afloat in these trying times. Motorcycle companies were no exception. However, Harley-Davidson, alongside Indian Motorcycle Company, managed to survive the Great Depression.

They Have Been Providing Police Bikes for Over 100 Years

Not too long after the Harley-Davidson Motor Company got its start, various police departments began requesting custom-built bikes to use in the course of their business. It was around 1907 when the firm first began providing bikes to law enforcement agencies.

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Buy premium cars with Bitcoin Harley-Davidson Bikes Served in World War One

In the First World War, many armies began using motorcycles in the field for the first time. The Americans joined the war in 1917, and promptly ordered thousands of Harley-Davidson motorcycles to issue to the troops. This order was a boon to the company, and brought their motorcycles even greater public recognition than they already had.

The ‘Hog’ Nickname Came from a Real Hog

A lot of people who ride Harley-Davidson motorcycles lovingly refer to their preferred method of transport as a ‘hog’. This term originates from a group of farm boys who often raced on their motorcycles in the 1920s. They had a pig for a mascot and would even take him for victory rides after winning a race.

All-in-all, the Harley-Davidson Motor Company is a classic part of American culture. Whether you like them for their looks, their performance, their history, or even that throaty sound, you can count yourself among millions of Harley-Davidson fans. They have since transcended national status, and have become an international symbol of American ingenuity.

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