Here Are 10 Crazy Features Found on High-End Luxury Cars.

Here Are 10 Crazy Features Found on High-End Luxury Cars.

They're not called high-end luxury cars for nothing. 
Those cars are known for containing the highest-end technology and design available on the market. While a lot of features make sense and have even become expected of owning a luxury car, some manufacturers go above and beyond.
We offer some additional inspiration for comfortable driving with this top-ten list of the most extravagant features of luxury and high-end cars today.

10. Bentley's infotainment pack

Bentley's infotainment pack

What’s the least economically beneficial way to purchase two iPads (or Android tablets, depending on what version you choose), two in-headset displays, and a drop down 12” screen? We don’t know the actual answer, but we’d be willing to bet money on it being the purchase of Bentley’s infotainment pack.

Of course, money is no object for those who opt to take Bentley’s $32,000 add-on package, that also includes 15GB of space for your personal collection of music; which makes the cost all that more easy to swallow.

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9. Mercedes' silver-plated champagne flutes

Mercedes' silver-plated champagne flutes

If driving your car isn’t your goal, and you prefer to spend your time in the back seat while being chauffeured by a private driver, cars like the Mercedes-Benz S600 offer a great luxury feature that you simply cannot live without.

Affixed in the rear center console is a champagne bottle chiller, paired with two silver-plated champagne flutes. Not to worry though, the center console has specially designed cup holders to secure your fancy flutes when you don’t feel like holding your champagne. Does this break some type of open container law? We aren’t really sure. Chances are if you’re driving an S600 you don’t care either way.

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8. Aston Martin Transponder Watch

Aston Martin Transponder Watch

In a day and age where Apple Watches and smartwatches have taken a place on many people’s wrists, Aston Martin jumped the gun to integrate their own custom smartwatch that can turn your DB9 on and off. No, this isn’t an app you can download onto your smartphone or standard smartwatch, it’s an actual feature integrated with your car.

The Aston Martin offers a Jager- LeCoultre Transponder watch that allows owners to remotely control their car. The watch itself will set you back almost $30,000 – but hey, why settle for just a remote start button on your standard FOB?

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7. Mercedes Maybach's granite trim

Mercedes Maybach's granite trim

The interior of a vehicle can make or break its luxury look and feel. Those worried that a more regularly used luxury material option won’t cut it, can have their Maybach’s trimmings made from granite – like some kind of fancy bathroom countertop.

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6. Special Interior Trim

Special Interior Trim
To make their cars unique, high-end automakers such as Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Aston Martin, and Porsche will let you commission a vehicle to your exact specifications. That includes interior trim such as real metal and wood. If that's too common for you, Bentley will even embed stone veneers into your car, and other automakers will let you bring your own wood to put into your car complete with unique patterns and designs.

5. Scent Systems

Mercedes S550 scent system

When you are driving around a $100,000+ car, the last thing you want is a Tiny Tree’s Vanillaroma air freshener hanging from your rearview mirror. So how do companies like Mercedes-Benz give customers the option to make their car smell fantastic without having to constantly maintain ugly air fresheners?

Well, the answer is simple: a scent system integrated into the air conditioning system. Customers have the option of selecting different scents for their cars. The scents are provided in a small glass jar that sits nestled in the car’s glovebox and pumps spritz of scent directly into the car’s cabin via the air vents. The infotainment system allows the driver to customize settings such as spritz frequency and the amount and is guaranteed to make your car smell fantastic at all times.

4. Porsche's leather air vents

Porsche's leather air vents

Want to ensure that the cool or warm air being blown towards you doesn’t reach you before passing over premium leather? Porsche has got you covered. This £800 add-on not only ensures you never have to experience the eye-sore of plastic vents, but it can also join other optional leather trimmings: such as that of the seat belt buckles, belt outlets, steering wheel surround and sun visors.

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3. BMW's 'Gentleman Function'

Luxury cars features

Much to our chagrin, the ‘Gentleman Function’ found on certain BMW 7-Series models does not summon a tuxedo-clad butler who greets you ‘good morrow’ and pours you a single malt whisky. Instead, it merely allows the driver – the gentleman – to electronically adjust the passenger seat prior to his companion’s arrival.

And they say chivalry is dead.

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2. Bentley’s bespoke mechanical clock

Bentley’s bespoke mechanical clock

What good is a Bentley Bentayga without a price-matching Mulliner Tourbillon by Breitling mechanical clock on the dash?

Available in solid white or rose gold with a high-precision winding mechanism, this $190,000 extra is likely to be one of the most expensive in-car add ons you’ll come across.

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1. Rolls Royce’s starlight roof

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Fancy a romantic evening looking up at the stars with your one and only? Unable to travel anywhere without blanket cloud cover? Thinking of designing a car with an inner roof liner able to be customised with fibre optic lights to recreate a night sky and get around this issue? No?

Well, Rolls Royce has done it anyway, and you can even pay extra for them to lay out the ‘stars’ on your roof to replicate what the night sky looked like on a particular date, so you never have to bear a chauffeur-driven car journey without a reminder of your special evening again. Phew!

Source: Motor Biscuit